Cornerstone Characteristics

Carlson Real Estate Company values permeate its mission, creating a cohesive approach to every business opportunity. Award-winning customer service is a cornerstone of our organization. Defining and distinctive characteristics include:

  • Positive Outlook - We believe our involvement in a project can make a positive difference.
  • Rational Analysis - We believe that every business opportunity must be viewed through a realistic lens brought into focus with financial analysis, research and an understanding of all viewpoints.
  • High Expectations - We believe in conducting our business with honesty and integrity, and expect the best from ourselves and from those with whom we do business.
  • Knowledge Quest - We believe in lifelong learning, and work to constantly scan a variety of industries for new best practices.
  • Simplicity - We believe that most complicated challenges can be boiled down into a few important points. When the big things are taken care of, the small things often fall into line.

Carlson Credo

Whatever you do, do with integrity.
Wherever you go, go as a leader.
Whomever you serve, serve with caring.
Whenever you dream, dream with your all.
And never, ever give up.

Curtis L. Carlson